Zindagi About Us

Zindagi, the No. 1 Premium Entertainment Channel, was launched with the promise of bringing the best shows from across the world to Indian television screens. A thought leader in premium entertainment with a distinct character, Zindagi presents finite world stories with bold narratives that unveil universal emotions.

At Zindagi, every show is not just a story but a reflection of life experiences. Each story is not only beautifully crafted but also delivered with impeccable direction and utmost sensitivity in terms of treatment and portrayal of the characters. Audiences relate to these endearing and powerful characters and index it to their own life journey savoring every moment.

The channel's positioning ’Yeh Lamha Hi Hai Zindagi’ mirrors the essence of the word Zindagi. Across the world, life is a finite procession of moments and it’s important that we live each and every one of them. That’s the top line of the channel, literally. Again a departure from traditional base lines associated with most brands and true to the thought leader grain of Zindagi.

Zindagi is the only entertainment channel that delivers premium viewers by its guaranteed and trusted content environment of good storytelling. The combined heritage and influence of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd as a leading global media conglomerate ensures that Zindagi continues to be uniquely positioned as a thought leader in premium entertainment.